Lade Veranstaltungen

GRANteD has investigated the existence and emergence of gender bias in the decision-making processes of research funding and scientific careers over the past few years. In doing so, the project consortium has learned a great deal about the various evaluation and decision-making processes in research funding and the impact of grants on scientific career trajectories, information that is highly applicable to other contexts of the research system like research assessment processes or inclusive research cultures. GRANteD explored these topics through a variety of case studies, looked at this from the perspective of different methods and data, and were able to generate diverse and intriguing results. Now is the time to present these results publicly and discuss their significance for various stakeholders in the research system.

Information about participation

The GRANTeD team is delighted to welcome you to join our discussion of research results in Vienna. If you cannot travel to Vienna, you will have the opportunity to follow the event via live stream. Although this will not allow you to participate actively in the discussion, the project is very interested to receive your feedback, questions, and comments, and there will be a possibility to engage in discussions and feedback rounds.

Please note that the participation in the event is free of charge, but that the attendance at the in-person event is limited to 80 persons. Registering in advance will ensure that you can participate in Vienna in person.

All information and registration can be found on the GRANTeD Website: