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New Developments in Innovation Policy Evaluation


Abdullah GÖK, University of Manchester – Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Cornelia LAWSON, University of Turin/ BRICK – Bureau of Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge: Unfolding the Additionality of Innovation Policy

Marco MARIANI and Chiara BOCCI, IRPET – Tuscany’s Regional Institute for Economic Planning: Evaluating the effects of subsidy intensity on future R&D investment using the generalized propensity score. Evidence from an Italian small-business program

Christiane KERLEN, Dr Kerlen Evaluation, Ernst A. HARTMANN, Institut für Innovation und Technik: Measuring product innovation and innovative capacity: new indicators to evaluate research programmes

Sonja KIND, iit – Insitute for Innovation + Technology: The Cluster Impact Analysis: A practice-oriented evaluation approach to measure the impacts achieved by companies that are committed members of cluster and network initiatives