Lade Veranstaltungen

The annual conference of the Ukrainian Evaluation Association ‘Evaluations in challenging time: from humanitarian aid to the state policy’ will be held in online format on 23-24 May 2023.

This year’s annual conference of the Ukrainian Evaluation Association will focus on two dimensions of M&E policy – evaluation of state policy and humanitarian evaluations. UEA would like to bring the attention of Ukrainian policymakers to the importance of embedding evaluations into the policy cycle as well as to share experience in conducting real-time humanitarian evaluations with the international evaluation community.

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Key presentations at the conference:
(All sessions below will have English/Ukrainian simultaneous translation)

  • The importance of monitoring and evaluation in times of crisis and war, Larysa Pylgyn, Board member, UEA
  •  Humanitarian civil society experience since 2022, Dmytro Kondratenko, Board member, UEA
  •  Monitoring of the war crimes, Mykhailo Savva, Board member, UEA
  •  Current challenges in Ukrainian policymaking: national and regional dimension, Olha Krasovska, Andrij Derkach, UEA
  •  Evaluation of European Structural Funds: Romanian experience, Laura Trofin (Romania)
  •  How to strengthen the role of Evaluation Societies in policy making: experience of Polish Evaluation Society, Monika Bartosiewicz-Niziolek, (Poland)

Special session «Evaluations during the war time: lessons learnt» (in Ukrainian).


  • Workshop on case studies in evaluations (English/Ukrainian simultaneous translation)
  • Workshop on impact assessments or How evaluation can help to build a bridge between business and authorities (English/Ukrainian simultaneous translation)