Table of Contents

  1. On your marks, get set, fund! Rapid responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
    Vingre, Anete, Kolarz, Peter, Bryan, Billy
    Pages: 8-17
  2. Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on R&D Funding Schemes in Germany - First Results of a Comparative Analysis of Empirical Data
    Kerlen, Christiane, Kind, Sonja, Rodriguez, Karoline, Wangler, Leo, Zinke, Guido, Wessels, Jan
    Pages: 18-30
  3. Towards a framework for impact assessment for mission-oriented innovation policies. A formative toolbox approach
    Wittmann, Florian, Roth, Florian, Hufnagl, Miriam, Lindner, Ralf, Yorulmaz, Merve
    Pages: 31-42
  4. Developing criteria of successful processes in co-creative research. A formative evaluation scheme for climate services
    Schuck-Zöller, Susanne, Bathiany, Sebastian, Dressel, Markus, El Zohbi, Juliane, Keup-Thiel, Elke, Rechid, Diana, Suhari, Mirko
    Pages: 43-56
  5. Theories of change for transformation-oriented R&I polices: the case of the 7th Energy Research Programme in Germany
    Dinges, Michael, Kerlen, Christiane, Kaufmann, Peter, Wang, Anna, Toepel, Kathleen, Kofler, Jakob, Meyer, Stefan, Wieser, Harald
    Pages: 57-68
  6. Driving the innovation process by connecting regional knowledge bases to local needs
    Mena Jara, Sonia, Meijer, Ingeborg, Heimeriks, Gaston, Willemse, Tim
    Pages: 69-76
  7. Evaluative conversations: Translating between diverse stakeholders in regional RRI projects
    Holtrop, Tjitske, Meijer, Ingeborg, Otero-Hermida, Paula, Amanatidis, Anestis, Buongiovanni, Chiara, Casale, Donatella, Colonnello, Claudia, Deserti, Alessandro, Feudo, Fabio, Hartman, Alan, Hörlesberger, Marianne, Ipolyi, Ildiko M., Nguyen, Nhien, Nieminen, Mika, Quinti, Gabriele, Ravn, Tine, Rizzo, Francesca, Schmittinger, Felicitas, Steinhaus, Norbert, Strand, Roger, Völker, Thomas, Wintjes, René, Yagmaei, Emad
    Pages: 77-84
  8. Metamorphoses and performativity. Transformative R&I policies and their norm(alis)ing effect of societal impact
    Moawad, Lise, Schendzielorz, Cornelia
    Pages: 85-96
  9. Multidimensionality through self-evaluation: From theory to practice in the Brazilian graduate system
    Brasil, André
    Pages: 97-106
  10. Co-Developing an impact model for evaluating the societal impact of participatory research approaches
    Wailzer, Magdalena, Soyer, Laura
    Pages: 107-117
  11. The impact of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). A co-created template with a compilation of the scientific, societal and economic impacts of RRI
    Yorulmaz, Merve, Bührer, Susanne
    Pages: 118-125
  12. Evaluation of transformational R&I policy: Lessons learned based on a retrospective review of food systems R&I investment in the EU
    Schneuwly, Sonja, Chandler, Caroline
    Pages: 126-132
  13. Evaluating a City Lab Process in Mannheim's district Neckarstadt-West: Three main challenges for the evaluation
    Seus, Sarah, Stadler, Maria
    Pages: 133-140
  14. Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE): Funding, facilitating and evaluating participatory research approaches in Austria
    Kaisler, Raphaela E., Palfinger, Thomas
    Pages: 141-146
  15. Supporting researchers under threat in today’s Academia. Lessons learnt from the evaluation of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative
    Dudenbostel, Tobias
    Pages: 147-152
  16. Can we predict successful market introduction using on-going R&D evaluation data?
    Miyajima, Shumpei, Isshiki, Toshiyuki, Kunugi, Motoshi, Uesaka, Shin
    Pages: 153-159
  17. Randomised controlled trials and other experimental approaches in the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) - Experience, learnings and outlook
    Landon, Tess, Hochreiter, Harald
    Pages: 160-168
  18. Impact assessment of Bpifrance’s financial support to SMEs’ innovation projects
    Brun, Matthieu
    Pages: 169-180
  19. Systems Analysis in Evaluation: The unfulfilled promise
    Rothgang, Michael, Lageman, Bernhard
    Pages: 181-191
  20. Working on impact and contributing to R&I policies – looking back and ahead
    Uhrig, Bettina, Spanó, Barbara
    Pages: 192-200

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