Table of Contents

  1. Editorial: Participatory Evaluation and Impact Assessment in Citizen Science
    Mayer, Katja, Schürz, Stefanie, Kieslinger, Barbara, Schaefer, Teresa
    Pages: 5-9
  2. Participatory evaluation practices in citizen social science: Insights from three case studies.
    Kieslinger, Barbara, Schürz, Stefanie, Mayer, Katja, Schaefer, Teresa
    Pages: 10-19
  3. Reflecting on deepening participation in recruitment and evaluation in citizen science - Lessons from the WeCount project.
    Sardo, Ana Margarida, Laggan, Sophie, Franchois, Elke, Fogg-Rogers, Laura
    Pages: 20-32
  4. A participatory, multidimensional and modular impact assessment methodology for citizen science projects
    Passani, Antonella, Janssen, Annelli, Hölscher, Katharina, Di Lisio, Giulia
    Pages: 33-42
  5. Evaluating citizen science initiatives through a citizen science-based approach
    D'Andrea, Luciano, Kalpazidou Schmidt, Evanthia, Bužan, Elena, Vidal Merino, Mariana, Dall, Elke, Colonnello, Claudia, Graversen, Ebbe K., Cerri, Jacopo, Iacolina, Laura, Feudo, Fabio
    Pages: 43-50
  6. The value of visual co-analysis models for an inclusive citizen science approach. Inspired by co-creation methods from design thinking.
    Van den Driesche, Catharina, Kerklaan, Sarah
    Pages: 51-60
  7. The “payback“ of citizen science: A participatory evaluation and impact assessment model for social innovation projects
    Uude, Katrin, Kurzhals, Kerstin, Wesbuer, Annika
    Pages: 61-67
  8. Quality assurance indicators for environmental citizen science. Development of indicators for volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring.
    Richter, Anett
    Pages: 68-80
  9. Documenting and assessing open innovation: co-creation of an open data model for surgical training
    Arancio, Julieta, Velis, Emilio, Torres, Diego
    Pages: 81-90

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