This time we take the opportunity to share our take-aways from the 2023 Autumn Event by the European Evaluation Society (EES) under the Motto „Alternative Futures: What role for evaluation in a just transition?“.  As our interview guest, we invited May Pettigrew, EES Vice Chair and main organiser of the Autumn Event to discuss with us the impressions we had. We chat about the diversity of contributions to this online conference, learn how plurality is key for just transitions as well as meaningful evaluations, and we get recommendations what evaluators need to understand and do now to cope with AI technologies entering the field. In particular, we focus on two sessions:

1) Session „Evaluating the Impact of Innovation and SME Support Programs:
Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential“ – Full recording of the session [via YouTube]

2) Keynote  „A just Transition“ by Linda Raftree, MERL Tech Initiative
Full recording of the keynote talk [via YouTube]

Thank you for this great conversation!

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