Table of Contents

  1. The Community Innovation Survey and the innovation performance of enterprises funded by EU’s Framework Programmes
    Alquézar Sabadie, Jesús, Kwiatkowski, Claire
    Pages: 3-16
  2. Assessing the impact of public funding and tax incentives in Russia: Recipient analysis and additionality effects evaluation
    Simachev, Yuri, Kuzyk, Mikhail, Zudin, Nikolay
    Pages: 17-34
  3. Valorizing SSH research: Towards a new approach to evaluate SSH research’ value for society
    Galleron, Ioana, Ochsner, Michael, Spaapen, Jack, Williams, Geoffrey
    Pages: 35-41
  4. Serving variegated audiences: From ranking oriented evaluation to mission oriented evaluation
    PRINS, A.A.M., Spaapen, Jack
    Pages: 42-49
  5. New indicators for open science - Possible ways of measuring the uptake and impact of open science
    Lampert, Dietmar, Lindorfer, Martina, Prem, Erich, Irran, Jörg, Sanz, Fermín Serrano
    Pages: 50-56

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