Evaluation Societies

Working Group “Evaluation of Research, Technology and Innovation Policy”

Tasks and objectives
Since its founding on the occasion of the 1st annual conference of DeGEval (1998 in Cologne), the RTI working group has provided all evaluators and those interested in RTI evaluations in Germany and Austria with a platform for the exchange of experience and the development of content and methodology.

Members and interested parties
Today, the working group consists of more than 150 evaluation experts and those interested in the FTI policy field; They come from research institutes, consulting firms, funding agencies and ministries.

Activities and communication
Usually at the annual meetings of the DeGEval own sessions of the AK FTI take place. In addition, a spring meeting is organized annually (alternately in Germany and Austria). The AK also participates in cross-AK activities and is fundamentally open to such activities. At https://fti-eval.blogspot.co.at/ relatively recent articles (eg conference notes) are written.

Coordination and address
The coordination of the working group activities is currently included

Dr. Marianne Kulicke, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, ISI, Karlsruhe (marianne.kulicke@isi.fraunhofer.de),
Mag. Iris Fischl, SME Research Austria, (i.fischl@kmuforschung.ac.at) and
Dr. Jan Wessels, VDI / VDE-IT (jan.wessels@vdivde-it.de).

DeGEval Young Investigator Award

In order to promote professional and professional development of the evaluation system, DeGEval awards the DeGEval Young Investigator Award once a year for outstanding contributions on evaluation.

The SEVAL has the following priorities for 2018-2021: strengthening its position as a professional association; Development of offers to improve and secure the quality of evaluations; Promoting dialogue and better anchoring of competences for good evaluations.

Annual congress and method workshops
Theme-specific events
Working groups dealing with selected topics related to evaluations

Development and updating of the SEVAL standards
Definition of competences for evaluators, evaluators and commissioners of evaluations
Database for evaluators
Database with existing educational offers
Further education
Member information (SEVAL-Newsletter and SEVAL-Flash)
Publication of LeGes (Legislation and Evaluation)