Table of Contents

  1. EU research & innovation funding schemes: Using project-level data for monitoring & evaluation
    Bachtrögler-Unger, Julia, Doussineau, Mathieu
    Pages: 5-10
  2. Research Assessment Processes: Gathering evidence for a Science Europe initiative for mutual learning
    Warta, Katharina, del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Maria
    Pages: 11-16
  3. Conceptual and practical problems of evaluation of international R&I policies
    Schuch, Klaus
    Pages: 17-25
  4. Key Elements of Evaluation Frameworks for Transformative R&I Programmes in Europe
    Dinges, Michael, Meyer, Susanne, Brodnik, Christoph
    Pages: 26-40
  5. Integrating context in the evaluation of gender equality interventions and beyond
    Kalpazidou Schmidt, Evanthia, Bührer, Susanne
    Pages: 41-45
  6. The concept of innovative capacity and its impact on innovation outcomes. Illustrated by the Example of the German Aerospace Industry
    Wangler, Leo, Kerlen, Christiane, Meyer, Stefan, Bräuninger, Michael
    Pages: 46-58
  7. Driving from the fringe into spotlight. The underrated role of standards and standardization in RTDI policy and evaluation.
    Radauer, Alfred
    Pages: 59-65

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