This time we had the pleasure and honour of talking to two experts from higher education research: Silke Preymann and Martin Unger. The occasion was the interim evaluation of the BMBWF’s National Strategy on the Social Dimension in Higher Education, which was published last year.

We learn how many Austrian universities have strategies and activities to support disadvantaged groups and that there are a variety of different measures to do so. Why it is impossible to say whether students with disabilities are under- or over-represented compared to Austria’s population as a whole, that students are on average much older than the popular perception and why it makes no sense to set specific measures for individual groups – these interesting circumstances and quite some more are explained in the almost 100 minutes of this podcast episode.

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This episode was made possible with the kind support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). It is part of the initiative of the BMBWF for strengthening trust in sciecne and democracy in Austria (#TruSD). Thank you very much!

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