In this episode, Tobias and I learn from photonics luminary and Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Gregor Weihs, what the strategic focus on interdisciplinary research priorities means at a university and how evaluation can be used to further develop the subject areas.

We learn that during the evaluation process, intra-university exchange is promoted and that one can see that focal points can achieve significantly more external impact compared to traditional administrative units.

Every three years, the decision-makers of the University of Innsbruck gather for a closed meeting, the Future Platform “Zukunftsplattform” Obergurgl, to present the successes of the research priorities and to discuss the strategic development together. Prof. Weihs tells us in this interview how this can work and how they want to further improve the evaluation culture in the new university council period.

At the end, we hear how valuable it is when evaluators themselves understand something about research and conduct the evaluation process with scientific ambition and ongoing continuity.

Many thanks for the hospitality of the colleagues in Innsbruck and the rewarding interview!

This episode was made possible with the kind support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). It is part of the initiative of the BMBWF for strengthening trust in sciecne and democracy in Austria (#TruSD). Thank you very much!

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