This time, we asked Roland Sommer from Association “Industry 4.0 Austria and Fridolin Herkommer from the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour how digitisation pioneers shape society and how they can be encouraged to become such pioneers.
We present a support programme in which young women are given the opportunity to complete an internship in the field of digitisation at companies and receive training beforehand to develop their entrepreneurial and personal skills, as well as mentoring from labour market specialists during the internship: the Digital Pioneers.
The pilot programme started as a cooperative initiative of the Association Industry 4.0 Austria in selected federal states and was so successful that it was further supported by the BMK as a “Digital Pioneers cheque” and incorporated into the FFG portfolio. So now they are trying to achieve a nationwide rollout with local partners.
An evaluation study was commissioned as the basis for this further development.

What has been learned from the pilot funding round and in the evaluation, what challenges the programme poses, and what other important dynamics there are in the area of digitisation – we will learn all this and more in this entertaining conversation.

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This episode was made possible with the kind support of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. Thank you!

Photo credit: The photo of the digital pioneer in the artwork is by Nina Bröll and was used with the kind permission of the Digital Campus Vorarlberg.