Open Science & Societal Impact – AESIS online conference


To advance the impact of scientific progress and address global challenges, it is imperative to have timely access to reliable information sources. Professionals involved in Open Science initiatives will contribute valuable perspectives on responsible practices within Open Science and Research, exploring strategies to promote openness in access, data sharing, education, and related areas. The Open Science & Societal Impact program is now accessible on the AESIS website, offering insights into our distinguished speakers, session topics, and format, including various sessions and panel discussions. Our team will consistently update this program to provide a comprehensive overview of what to anticipate from the [...]


STS Conference Graz 2024

Hotel Weitzer Grieskai 12-16, Graz, Steiermark, Österreich

The 22th Annual STS Conference Graz 2024 „Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies“ is the joint Annual Conference of the Science Technology and Society Unit of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science of Graz University of Technology, the Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (IFZ) and the Institute for Advanced Studies of Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS). The STS Conference Graz 2024 is a hybrid event. All information around thematic fields, programme and registration can be found on the Conference Website:

REvaluation Conference 2024 – Navigating Times of Change

FH Campus Wien Favoritenstraße 226, Vienna, Austria

Unter dem Motto "Navigating Times of Change" loten wir in dieser Ausgabe unserer internationalen FTI-Politik-Evaluierungskonferenz den Umgang der Evaluierung vor dem Hintergrund großer Wandelprozesse und neuer Technologien aus. Tragen Sie sich den Konferenztermin gleich in den Kalender ein! 4. bis 6. Dezember 2024. Alle Informationen finden Sie in Kürze auf der Konferenzwebseite