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Data, monitoring systems and indicators


E. Brooks APPLEGATE, Western Michigan University: Management and Aggregation of Disparate Data from Disparate Sources: Illustrations from an Evaluation of the Swiss National Science Foundation

Michael DINGES, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Jakob EDLER, University of Manchester – Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and Matthias, WEBER, AIT: Measures and means to position competence centres via monitoring data: evidence from the Austrian Competence Centre Programmes Kplus and K_Ind/K_net

Matteo RAZZANELLI, Science Europe: Data availability for STI policy portfolio evaluations: a process-related challenge requiring new models for stakeholder engagement

Torger MÖLLER, Marion SCHMIDT and Daniel SIRTES, iFQ – Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance: A Bibliometric Evaluation of the German Excellence Initiative Based on Three Data Selection Methods