The topic folder was compiled by Karin Kohlweg and can be cited as follows: Kohlweg, K. (2019): Themenfolder „Methoden“ – Quantitative und Qualitative Methoden für FTI-Evaluierungen. FTEVAL – Österreichische Plattform für Forschungs- und Technologiepolitikevaluierung. Wien. DOI: 10.22163/fteval.2019.308

The choice of the appropriate evaluation method depends primarily on the objective of the evaluation subject, the evaluation purpose and the time of the evaluation. In addition, factors such as e.g. the availability of data, the actual methodological and expert knowledge of the evaluators and the clients as well as the evaluation budget made available, the final decision on a specific set of methods and the possible evaluations and analyzes of the data obtained. The chosen methodological approach can be considered appropriate if it leads to answering the evaluation questions. In general, a distinction is made between quantitative and qualitative methods. Read more in the topic folder “METHODEN”.

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