Open Evaluation 2016, the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the evaluation of policies in the field of research, technology and innovation (RTI) policy, took place in Vienna on 24-25 November 2016. The main conference organisers were the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and IFRIS – Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société, Paris. For this conference, more than 250 academics, evaluators, research managers, authorities and RTI policy makers form all five continents gathered to debate challenging developments in RTI policy and their effects on evaluation theory and practice. The conference addressed new actor settings, approaches and themes in RTI policy evaluation.


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The programme consisted of key note speeches, panel discussions, paper sessions and a poster session. Dr. Pierre-Benoit Joly (LISIS – Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés), Dr. Steven Hill (Higher Education Funding Council for England) and Dr. Liz Allen (Strategic Initiatives, F1000) were engaged as key note speakers at ‘Open Evaluation 2016’. Dr. Joly talked about challenges of research impact assessment for addressing Societal Challenges. Dr. Hill’s speech focued on UK’s experience in assessing research impact. Dr. Allen provided us with a reflection on the promise of open science. The panel sessions examined the question if we can generate more impact of R&I interventions through better governance, discussed the changing challenges of RTI evaluation in Europe and deliberated the problems in evaluation and selection of risky research.


The official conference booklet, containing all information, abstracts, speakers and other useful details, can be downloaded here [11 MB].


We thank our partners, sponsors, members of the scientific and organisational committee as well as all speakers and participants for supporting us in making Open Evaluation 2016 a successful event!


Key note by Steven Hill (HEFCE) – Research impact and its assessment: Lessons from the UK experience [PDF, 1.74 MB]

Key note by Pierre-Benoit Joly (LISIS) – Challenges of Research Impact Assessment for addressing Societal Challenges [PDF, 1.01 MB]

Key note by Liz Allen (F1000 & King’s College London) – Accelerating science, understanding its impact: the promise of open science [PDF, 3.18 MB]

Paul Cunningham (MIoIR) – Launch of the SIPER evaluation interactive STI evaluation database [PDF, 638.23 KB]

1) Science system evaluations – Arnold, Hayashi, Jonkers [ZIP, 3.17 MB]

2) Advancing Research Policy and Programme Evaluation Practice – Science Europe’s Policy Contributions – Gale, Milzow [ZIP, 1.92 MB]

3) Societal impact of agricultural research – Gaunand, Quiédeville, Salles-Filho [ZIP, 4.54 MB]

4) RTI agency evaluation based policy learning and challenges – Biegelbauer, Hyvarinen [ZIP, 1.28 MB]

5) European challenges and large policy initiatives – Spiesberger, Schiffbänker [ZIP, 2.09 MB]

6) Stakeholder involvement in evaluation processes – Fritz, Holzinger, Prins [ZIP, 3.14 MB]

7) Evaluation of public research organisations – Colinet, Williams, Yegorov [ZIP, 7.45 MB]

8) Innovation taxonomy, designs and assessment approaches (1) – Cook, DeCastris, Mariani [ZIP, 2.18 MB]

9) Evaluation of mission oriented research – van Drooge. Gulbrandsen, Kaufmann, Weber [ZIP, 2.39 MB]

10) Measuring responsible research and innovation – Ferretti, Reidl, Reale, Schrammel [ZIP, 4.42 MB]

11) Participation in EU programmes – de Oliveira, Harrap, Primeri [ZIP, 2.38 MB]

12) Innovation taxonomy, designs and assessment approaches (2) – Krupnik, Paier, Zudin, Havas [ZIP, 2.94 MB]

13) Individuals and career trajectories – Ambrasat, Calatrava Moreno, Seus [ZIP, 1.77 MB]

14) Concepts and approaches towards openness – Degelsegger, Lampert [ZIP, 1.53 MB]

15) New evaluation approaches, tools and sources – Bornmann, Li, Cunningham [ZIP, 5.63 MB]

16) Evaluating smart specialisation and regional innovation – Caloffi, Gerritsen, Kleibrink [ZIP, 1.93 MB]

17) Evaluating impacts of SSH – Reale, Robinson-Gracia, Spaapen [ZIP, 1.81 MB]

18) Stakeholder involvement in research production and citizen science evaluation – Kieslinger, Wagner, Yoshizawa [ZIP, 4.27 MB]

19) Evaluation of innovation regulations, programmes and instruments – Sabadie, Bitat, Omoju [ZIP, 1.68 MB]

20) Poster session – Blundi, Campbell, Granquist, Koier, Möller, Permoser, Wolf [ZIP, 3.04 MB]

Inputs for panel sessions – Bravo-Biosca, König, Simmonds [ZIP, 1.14 MB]