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FFG and fteval Platform invite to an on-line Workshop to reflect aspects of evaluating FFG’s “Impact Innovation” programme.

Since 2017, the FFG has been funding projects for the development of innovative solutions within the framework of Impact Innovation. Based on an unsolved but defined problem, solution ideas are to be developed together with users, customers or other relevant stakeholders.

Impact innovation is intended to support innovations that do not necessarily arise from R&D projects. Among other things, social innovation, business model innovation, process innovations (etc.) are to be promoted through processes such as open innovation, design thinking (etc.), which have so far been little addressed by classic funding instruments. In addition, the aim was also to address new applicants, e.g. from the NPO sector.

Due to the differences to classic instruments of research funding in the FFG, it can be assumed that the impact and the form of a possible evaluation of this impact also differs from other instruments.

We would therefore like to invite you to this workshop in order to work out important factors in the evaluation of such a programme together with the fteval platform’s stakeholders.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 9-12 am, online.

This workshop was held in German.
The recording of the workshop can be requested from our colleagues at the FFG.