The Institute for Industrial Research (IWI – Industriewissenschaftliches Institut) is a registered non-profit association located in Vienna and founded in 1986. It dedicates itself to economic research at the junction between academic research, policy evaluation and business and is supported by a network of university professors, special interest groups and well-known enterprises in Austria.

Main focus areas are analyses and research projects of the Austrian economy, international trade relationships and European integration. IWI plays a leading role regarding all economic issues of the productive economy, in particular manufacturing and market-oriented services. It carries out regular studies on the structure and performance of industries on a disaggregated industry level, using approaches and methods from industrial economics, productivity- and input-output-analysis.


Industriewissenschaftliches Institut (IWI)

Industriewissenschaftliches Institut (IWI)
Mittersteig 10
1050 Wien