Josef Säckl stellt den Datenfluss der FFG vor

Secondary data in general and data from monitoring databases are becoming increasingly important for RTI policy evaluations. At the same time, monitoring data are getting better and increasingly time series are available.

At this event, fteval together with the FFG and the FWF provided a comprehensive insight into the data flow, structure and accessibility of the monitoring data of the two major Austrian R & D funding agencies. Through transparent and open presentations and discussions, a contribution  to actively counteract potential competitive disadvantages in the provision of services and a closure of the evaluation market in Austria has been made.

During this Open House event, the evaluation community received an insight into,

    What is monitored (indicators and data)The functionalities of the databasesThe procedures for data collection, data quality and data usageWhich interfaces to other data sources are available or how these can possibly be createdHow the openness and accessibility of the monitoring data for RTI political studies is handledHow the division of labor between agencies and evaluators takes place in concrete evaluation assignments.

The event was organized by fteval in cooperation with FWF and FFG.

The presentations are available for download: