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The Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (fteval) is an association whose members are institutions from the fields of research, technology and innovation (RTI). It includes government ministries, agencies, research funding organisations, research institutes and consulting firms. Membership is open to all those involved in commissioning or carrying out evaluations in the field of RTI.

The aim of the association is to further develop the culture and practice of evaluation in Austria in the field of RTI. The fteval platform regards evaluation as central to ongoing improvement and strategic focus in RTI policy. A “good” culture of evaluation is both a prerequisite for and a result of “good” – i.e. efficient, transparent, and fair – policies. As declared in the mission statement:

“The mission of the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation is to promote the quality, transparency and adequate coverage of evaluations, to improve strategic planning of research, technology and innovation (RTI) policy in Austria. The existing evaluation culture is evolving continuously, in consultation with decision makers in Austrian RTI policy.”

The current standards published by fteval present the key principles of evaluation in RTI policy and serve as a binding code of conduct for members. They provide commissioning (client) institutions, evaluators and those affected by an evaluation with a framework for conduct, and a guideline for planning, managing and performing “good” evaluations, as well as how to use them. The aim is to create a greater sense of commitment and assurance for all concerned. The fteval platform also aims to ensure that these Standards are widely distributed and applied.

The Standards are designed to be applicable to all evaluations in the area of RTI policy.


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