In light of rapid technological advancements, an fteval working group has been established to explore the impacts and potentials of new AI-based tools for the evaluation system. The group is currently operating in three subgroups:

  1. AI-based Tools“, led by Charlotte D’Elloy (Technopolis Group | Austria) and Joachim Kaufmann (KMU Forschung Austria): This subgroup is testing various tools within the context of their own work.
  2. Relationales Modell“, led by Felix Gaisbauer (DLR-PT) und Isabella Wagner (fteval): This subgroup takes a holistic view of the evaluation system and its actors, analyzing changes in relationships between groups. They apply a model developed by colleagues at LBG-OIS (Contact:Thomas Palfinger).
  3. Guideline for the Use of AI in Evaluation“, led by Stefanie Schürz (ZSI) and Michael Dinges (AIT): Drawing on good-practice examples from other guidelines and the results of the first two subgroups, this team is developing a draft guideline in the context of (FTI policy) evaluation.

Currently, almost 30 colleagues from various types of fteval member organizations (ministries, agencies, evaluation institutions), as well as the extended community, including ÖAWI, are actively involved in this working group. The final workshop is scheduled for 15 March 2024 where the collectively developed guideline will be officially adopted.